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IRS-1A: India’s Initiation to Remote Sensing | 1st IRS satellite

India's First Remote Sensing Satellite, IRS-1A paved the path of many new technologies, ground segment and managerial aspects of ISRO as we know it today.

IIT Bombay’s Satellite 101 Wiki Celebrates 3 years

IIT Bombay's Satellite 101 Wiki launched 3 years ago on the eve of National Science Day. It has helped many students over the years gaining over 1.5 lac views.

Understanding the Engineering Behind Pixxel’s Anand Satellite Launch Scrub

Understanding the space technology and aerospace engineering behind the recent Pixxel's Anand Satellite Launch Scrub.

Your chance to become a citizen astronomer | NSASC 2021

Spaceonova, a space education company is providing you an opportunity to become a citizen astronomer to discover asteroids through NSASC 2021.

Science Tourism in India Ep. 01: Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir

The first episode in Science Tourism in India series takes you to the crown of India, Ladakh, and the Jammu & Kashmir region while we explore various sites.

Science Tourism in India | A voyage of nation’s science and technology

Science Tourism in India showcases key locations around the nation that can be visited for knowledge in the various fields of science and technology and history

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Sunday Space: This Week in Space

Sunday Space

Each Sunday, I post a list of upcoming anniversaries and lined-up events for the following week.

Monday Mentoring from the Aerospace Nerd

Monday Mentoring

On some Mondays, I post a column based on learning of mine or experienced professionals. The articles are particularly to guide Aerospace students.

Anecdotes of an AeroSpace Nerd

Throwback Thursday

We delve into historical archives to unearth inspiring and fascinating stories in the world of AeroSpace.

Space Talks

Space Talks

A series of guest articles from students, researchers and scientists working in Spaceflight, Aviation and Astronomy.

Lessons Learnt

Lessons Learnt

This series reviews past space missions to understand some engineering lessons.

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