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4 Profound Lessons from the First Flight of PSLV-D1

PSLV, the workhorse of ISRO, launched for the first time on 20 September 1993 as the PSLV-D1 mission. Though the mission failed, a lot of lessons were learnt.

EDUSAT: A case-study in Spacecraft Mission Management (5 Strong Recommendations)

EDUSAT, India's first dedicated education satellite launched in Sept 2004 onboard GSLV-F01, served as a learning opportunity in Spacecraft Mission Management.

Igniting Young Minds in Space Education across the whole India

Igniting Young Minds president Ratnesh Mishra explains the motivation behind the initiative to promote space and satellite education across all states in India.

Kalpana-1: The First Dedicated Meteorological Satellite Of India

Kalpana-1 / MetSat-1 was the first dedicated meteorological (weather) satellite. Learn about this ISRO spacecraft which functioned for 15 years.

Green Aviation Research & Gulfstream Aerospace Experience | ft. Ameya Behere

GeorgiaTech graduate student, Ameya Behere talks about his experiences at IIT Bombay, internships at Gulfstream Aerospace and Green Aviation Research.

Chandrayaan 2 Landing | Dawn of a New Space Era in India

Chandrayaan 2 Vikram Lander attempted to land on the moon in the early hours of 7th Sep'19. Learn how students of IIT Bombay witnessed this historical event.


Many articles are part of ongoing series. Therefore, here is a list that provides the ability to navigate to these series.

Sunday Space: This Week in Space

Sunday Space

Each Sunday, I post a list of upcoming anniversaries and lined-up events for the following week.

Monday Mentoring from the Aerospace Nerd

Monday Mentoring

On some Mondays, I post a column based on learning of mine or experienced professionals. The articles are particularly to guide Aerospace students.

Anecdotes of an AeroSpace Nerd

Throwback Thursday

We delve into historical archives to unearth inspiring and fascinating stories in the world of AeroSpace.

Space Talks

Space Talks

A series of guest articles from students, researchers and scientists working in Spaceflight, Aviation and Astronomy.

Lessons Learnt

Lessons Learnt

This series reviews past space missions to understand some engineering lessons.

The development of the nation is intimately linked with understanding and application of science and technology by its people.

-Vikram Sarabhai

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